Santa Bob Boyer



   Santa Bob Boyer lives in Huntsville and has been portraying Santa for many years. Married and the father of two daughters, Santa Bob knows that being Santa is more than just a beard and a red coat. 

   Santa is perhaps the best known icon of childhood; you can't fool kids, they know whether or not someone has what it takes to be Santa. To that end, Santa Bob has spent countless hours in professional Santa meetings, schools and classes learning how to do more than just say "Ho Ho Ho!" 

   Santa Bob is still young at heart and in tune with children to know about many of those items on the Christmas lists. Yes he knows the difference between Monster High and Barbie dolls and Playstation and X box video gaming systems. Staying on top of the toy market is just a small part of knowing how to be a good Santa for children of all ages. 

   Patience and soft spoken approach are trademarks of a visit with Santa Bob.  Whether working with brothers and sisters during a home visit or with hundreds of children at a corporate holiday party, Santa Bob will take the time to make sure every child knows that they are special. Candy Canes sweeten the end of each visit. Santa Bob can even make some "Santa Magic" happen, from making reindeer appear from his magic Santa hat to providing real magic sleigh bells from the "Polar Express" for those who truly believe. 

Not content with the "off the shelf" Santa look, Santa Bob has taken time to present a unique portrayal of the North Pole's number one citizen. 

   Santa's robe is a deep crimson velvet with a custom embossed leather belt and gold and red buckle. Accented with "magical" snowflakes and other special touches, this is no ordinary Kringle Kostume. Boots with bells, a custom made Santa hat, and a hand carved walking staff, completes a Santa look not seen anywhere else. 

   ​Oh, and go ahead and give 'em a pull, those are real whiskers!